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Power generation systems combine a power source and automated well control in a compact unit designed specifically for gas and oil production.

This system provides a comprehensive solution for customers with pumping applications in remote electrical service areas. The system is easy to install and maintain.

Geoteco electric power generation systems range from i8kW up to 3mW, which provide to the operator the required tools to improve the gas and oil production operations.

The system may to change automatically from a natural gas feed to a liquid propane feed. The additional equipment allows operation with low consumption of natural gas. This option can eliminate or substantially reduce the consumption of liquid propane. These systems are designed specifically for continuous working operation.

An electronically sealed environment accepts multiple universal controllers for well automation, from which a specific type of artificial pumping can be operated as well as auxiliary motor operations such as surface pumps.

It can be using four controllers, as long as the total power does not exceed that the engine / generator

Our long experience over the years in the operation and automation of wells has allowed us to develop high speed variable according to the needs of the oil field. Geoteco speed frequency inverter are available for a power range from 1.5kW to 2200kW, with voltage characteristics from 220V 690V, with 6, 12, 18 and 24 pulse configurations.

Geoteco speed frequency inverter are available for a power range from 1.5kW to 2200kW, with voltage characteristics from 220V 690V, with 6, 12, 18 and 24 pulse configurations.

The designs can operate with synchronous electric motors and asynchronous of different powers, with filter of integrated harmonics and enclosures of protection IP20 or IP54.

The Geoteco Progressive Cavity Pumping Systems (PCPs) are an innovative alternative to conventional PCP systems as well as to mechanical suction pumping units. The Geoteco PCP system provides exceptional performance and reliability using sophisticated controls and simple mechanics.

The ultra-compact package has a very simple profile. The PCP unit is a completely safe solution for use in urban facilities where other types of PCP can be dangerous. These systems are available in electrical or hydraulic designs with capacities from 10HP to 150HP.

The Geoteco PCP unit is very compact, lightweight and easy to carry. The installation is quickly and easy and can be handled by two people. The units can be installed and operated in one pair. Specialized or heavy equipment is not required, which saves installation costs. It can be carried in a light truck and installed with platform of one tonne.

Characteristics of Geoteco PCP Systems:

  • Improves production, efficiency and profitability.
  • Real-time optimization.
  • Mathematical models for the behavior of rod, tubing, casing, pump, fluid and reservoir.
  • Manual, preset or remote speed control.
  • Power Optimizer and Pump Speed.
  • Voltage monitor, current and frequency.
  • Monitors and speed limiters, rod and engine.
  • Torque monitor and pump speed in the subsoil.
  • Pressure monitor in tubing, casing, load line etc.
  • Pump discharge and suction pressure monitoring.
  • Flow monitoring (bpd).

Geoteco has conventional Mechanical Pumping Systems running from 32 "up to 288", with maximum load rating on the polished rod up to 40,000 lbs. The systems include electric motor or internal combustion engine with gas / diesel kit.

In addition, we provide the installation, commissioning, maintenance, testing, concrete base construction, perimeter fencing, uninstallation, daily monitoring services, among others.

The electro centrifugal pump system is an effective medium and represents a great economic advantage since it manages to recover considerable volumes of fluids at greater depths. Geoteco has obtained excellent results in the production of fluids of high viscosity, the main function for the extraction of the Oil, is to provide energy by using centrifugal pumps on the surface of the well.