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Geoteco was created in 2008, based on the initiative and the commitment by a group of engineers who wanted to be a leading manufacturing and distribution company of artificial lift systems and electronic controller for the crude oil production. In Geoteco, we have developed innovative technology such as power generation systems, a smart monitoring and oil well control system, pumping stations with Telemetry, as well as the reservoir engineering, the optimization and development of field, without forgetting our different related services.

  • In the oil industry, the service companies play a significant role within the field operators, to cope the technical requirements in the different sectors and a lot of doubts that may arise within the daily work.

  • For many people, the oil services are the most important activity, because without them, the energetic business would not do.

Geoteco is a company of operation and maintenance of oil fields services, distinguished by the effort and commitment of their employees with Quality, Safety, Occupational Health and Environmental Protection, whose main propose is to provide products and services of high quality for the exploration, production and distribution of mineral oils; satisfying the expectations and requirements of our customers, through risk management, the legal compliance and regulatory and continuous improvement.

In Geoteco, our mission is to manage, operate and efficiently, maintain the oil and gas fields, in order to help our customers to improve the efficacy and profitability of their operations.

We will achieve our mission by working together with our customers, the application of new technological standards, overaal with the commitment of our qualified staff and the social environment to offering the best of their creativity and the experience to the satisfaction for our customers.

Our vision is to be the leading national and international company in the supply of innovative technological solutions associated with the operation and maintenance of oil fields services.

We will work in an integrated war including the following aspects: demand, storage, operation, maintenance and distribution, making it easier for our customers to count with reliable technology and services to obtain increases in oil and gas production at low investment costs.