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Products > Chemical Products

Products > Chemical Products

Geoteco chemicals improve the handling of fluids produced and / or transported in wells, flow lines, multiphase pipelines according to the characteristics of the fluid, through technical study, chemical, novel techniques and development of new technologies.

We have friction and viscosity reducers, capable of dispersing macro molecules, facilitating the cleaning of crude conduction lines, rigging and well stimulation in the vicinity of the hole, with the purpose of dissolving the paraffinic mud, asphaltic and sediment emulsified sludge, reducing damage in order to restore well productivity.

In the application of these products we achieve a cleaning of emulsified sediments in pipelines, separator batteries and crude storage tanks.

Geoteco products do not damage the facilities, refinery catalysts and / or crude treatment equipment, improving its process.

This chemical technology is water soluble and environmentally friendly, as well as non-toxic, non-volatile and non-flammable.

It releases non-aqueous phase dense liquids such as coal tar and bitumen solids, resulting in 97% extraction efficiency.

Available for applications in:

  • Bituminous sands
  • Fracking
  • Ducts
  • Stimulation
  • Production processing