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Services > Oil Well Testing

Services > Oil Well Testing

Services > Oil Well Testing

Services > Oil Well Testing

Services > Oil Well Testing

The Geoteco´s equipment has a technical ability and the appropriate technology that can be combined with the experience into the oil fields and the efficiency to produce the oil.

We have systems for measuring liquid level, pipe pressure, box and pipe pressure, obtain dynamometer readings, test valves, calculate oil well production and measure average flow.

Geoteco offers the services of dynamometric analysis for wells with Mechanical Pumping Systems. For analysis we commonly use load cells to collecte the dynamometric information from the sub- surface rig, determine the load, analyze the pump filling, as well as process and evaluate the performance of the surface unit, the roads and the bottom pump..

In addition, we have new software and hardware that does not require additional load cells to obtain the dynamometric information. For this method we incorporate mathematical algorithms and through energy the information is processes and translated into load data. In both cases, surface and bottom loading results are obtained.

With the measuring the volumetric flow of the oil well, we provide enough information to evaluate and optimize the performance of hydrocarbon production oil wells.

The multiphase flow measurement is achieved by quantifying the volumetric flows of the phases in each oil well by means of test separators. We have developed a new technology for the multiphase separation, which is based on the separation of the phases through a cyclonic effect; this technology can be oriented towards multiphase flow measurement of well production, especially in oil applications.

Los ensayos se realizan bajo procedimiento basado en la norma ASTM D4007-11 Standard Test Method for Water and Sediment in Crude Oil by Centrifuge Method (Laboratory Procedure). Este servicio incluye el personal capacitado, material y equipo de laboratorio necesario para la determinación del % de agua y % de sedimento de una muestra de fluido.

Contamos con equipos, probetas, calentadores, desemulsionantes, destinados al ensayo de las diferentes muestras, los cuales son los adecuados e indicados para los correspondientes ensayos según la normativa ASTM.