QSHE > Principles

In order to reach the highest levels of Quality, Safety, Occupational Health and Protection of the Environmental as an integral part in the planning and execution of our services, we declare the following basic principles of our policy:

  • The people are the most important value that guarantees our future, therefore, they must be qualified with the objectives of our organization.

  • The accidents at work must to be avoidable by adequate means management that allows adopting measures for the identification, evaluation and control of possible risks.

  • We are always at services of our customers, committed to society, the environment and occupational health, respecting the legal and regulatory framework established for each case.

  • • We assume the need for a continuous improvement in the quality of our products and services, our processes and our working condition.

  • The management is committed to:

  • Provide safe and occupational health for all people who work in the different activities.

  • Prevent the environmental impacts the may happen during the execution of activities.

  • Fulfill with the requirements of Quality, Safety, Health and Environment adapting the operational plans and procedures.

  • Training and sensitization of staff in the use and application of Risk Management.

Continuously improve the protection’s people, environment and equipment taking keeping in mind the local and international standards of Quality, Safety, Occupational health Environment and the internal policies and standards of the organization.