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The vapors recovery units (VRU´s) cover from small gas emissions per minute to million cubic feet per hour. We maintain on inventory of the VRU’s for cost reduction and be able to get a fast and accurate answer to give our customer. To complicated and extensive projects, we use the 3D software modeling to enable our customers can handle from them design software.

For us, the documentation has the same importance than the equipment, and for that, we are very carefully with the dates in relation to the update. We are honored to help you to find the better solution.

Nowadays, around the 50% of the mineral oil world´s production come from studied fields and approximately the 75 – 80% of the production has produced in fields with more than 30 years old. These are reservoir that have been classified based on the know – how.

In Geoteco, we believe that the achievement of the oil field optimization is due to the use of innovative technologies.

Therefore, we are focusing in the following areas:

  • Identification, quantification and feasibility to produce the remnant of oil and gas.
  • Appropriate field to drain the mineral oil.
  • Artificial systems and fluid flow assurance.
  • Pressure maintenance and sweeping system.
  • Distinction and fluid handling.
  • Reservoir management.